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Here at SMC Plumbing & Heating Cardiff we are also qualified bathroom fitters and installers. We are able to transform your bathroom to your heart desires whether it be from scratch, from your current bathroom to a complete new refit.

Read below to find out all of the different bathroom services that we offer.

SMC Plumbing & Heating Cardiff completed bathroom refit


You need your bathroom done but unsure who to trust or what company to go with? Here are a few reasons why you should consider us. We are multi-award winning, trusted by over 1000 customers and have over 800 positive reviews online. Not only that but we are qualified bathroom fitters, have competitive prices and are fully insured. 


At SMC we have an extensive range of services when it comes to bathroom refitting and remodelling:

Low Cost Bathrooms

Low cost bathrooms are an affordable way to upgrade your current bathroom without breaking the bank. We replace your current bathroom with lower costing sanitary ware and with some remodelling. For a low cost bathroom we still offer a free consultation, a package price for the supply and fit or fit only which can be provided for free in writing. As per our standard all work is completed to absolute perfection and with excellence. This is a great option for someone who is on a tighter budget but wants to transform their bathroom.

Wet Rooms

Wet rooms can be a trickier project due to the nature of ensuring the room is waterproofed to the correct standard before the tiling. However we are are able to install a wet room in almost any area of your house. We are able to take on your wet room project and tailor it to your design preference and general needs.

Premium Bathrooms


We also offer a premium bathroom fitting service. What makes it so premium? We take a different approach with this one, for example we source the top branded premium products, use top of the line tiling, usually porcelain or natural stone and ensure that the final goal is nothing but luxurious.

You are able to choose between different types of tiles, sanitary ware and top brand fitments can be sourced and approved with samples provided if needed.

We provide an accurate duration of the project and a fully comprehensive quote for the work and materials.

Or you may decide to source your own materials.

Whichever way you prefer we are able to help you and make your dream bathroom come to life.


We take pride in all of our services but especially tiling. Our team are absolute experts at tiling and have bucketloads of experience working with Ceramic, Porcelain, Marble, Natural stone, Granite and more.

Along with this experience the team are able switch up designs and make your bathroom even more unique by staggering different colour tiles or using a mosaic technique.

Shower Panels

Do you hate cleaning out grout? If you said yes then this could be what your bathroom needs.

Shower panels such as “Multipanel” or “Selkie” are high quality shower panels that are designed to be waterproofing aids with a durable design and a long lasting life expectancy. We have vast experience in fitting shower panels and can help you say goodbye to cleaning out grout for good!


There is a hidden cost of materials that equal quality. Often other bathroom fitters will cut corners on materials that aren't typically as noticeable such as copper piping, & fittings, silicone sealants, tile adhesives and grouts. We at SMC understand the importance of the materials relating to the longevity of your bathroom so we ensure that we go the extra mile to source and use these higher grade products in our bathroom installs.

For example, the tile adhesives we use come with a 25-year manufacturer guarantee which guarantees if floors and walls and not given the proper preparation cracks in the grout will soon show up. 

All our bathrooms come with a free 3-year guarantee for peace of mind.



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